Branded Merchandise

Social causes are brands, performers –rock stars!

And rock stars have fans, fans who want to signal their association and offer help when it’s needed. For example with meeting fund raising goals. helps fund raisers unlock the power of fan bases via custom branded merchandise campaigns, with zero commitments, zero risk, and zero physical work.

Too good to be true? It is good and it is absolutely true!

Raising funds through sales of branded products like apparel is not new; folks have been doing it for years. However it is fraught with a host of problems like finding the money to produce them, guessing what sizes to order, finding a way to sell them and then dealing with the pain of leftovers. After all every unsold item consumes the profit of approximately 3 items that did get sold. solves all these problems by enabling fundraisers and resource development professionals to create virtual branded products and offer them for sale via time bound online campaigns. These campaigns are delivered via a fully interactive and social media integrated micro-site hosted on for free.

All that the fund raiser needs to do is:

  • Decide the fund raising target
  • Decide the campaign duration
  • Create the merchandise online
  • Determine the pricing
  • Start sharing and selling online

Supporters make their purchases, we count down the target as the campaign progresses and notify everyone when the target has been met. We then produce the merchandise, ship it either to donors directly or to campaign creators for onward distribution and remit the profit on the campaign after deducting the production costs.

The most amazing feature of is that there are zero up-front costs or commitments! We will manage and process every campaign that achieves a minimum of 12 sales. If we do not reach the minimum number of sales, no problem. We simply agree not to proceed with the order and notify donors accordingly. As supporters purchase products in the sizes and quantity they want, there is no money lost due to leftovers and sizing issues.

Money Donations*
Power Features

In addition, campaign creators can also collect money donations from supporters at check out. Regardless of whether the minimum quantity is achieved or not, we collect these funds and send the money over at the end of the campaign. A nominal administrative fee of 3.5% is applied to these funds raised, mainly to cover the fees charged by payment processors.

*Not available to registered charities in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Be your own favourite cause
Be a Brand

Are you your own favourite cause? That’s awesome! Deeds not Words lets you explore your creative talent by creating your own apparel line. Create your own distinctive custom artwork, choose the type of apparel you would like it to go on, upload it on to our site, promote it to your social network and watch the sales and your earnings grow.

Join the scores of people supplementing their income by utilising their design talent. Deeds not Words is the perfect partner to manage all the fulfilment – we produce the apparel, sort it and ship it on your behalf.

Converting ideas into money

Deeds not Words lets designers commercialise their creative talent by developing their own apparel line and selling it on their own custom campaign page. No subscriptions, no hosting fees and no investment! hosts the campaign absolutely free and manages all the fulfilment – we process the sale, produce the apparel, sort it, ship it and remit the profits to the respective designers. Such a simple way to get creativity and talent noticed, that too at zero cost.